Help us take care of the environment

For bookTrysilonline, it is important to operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. This means a number of small and large measures in our operation. One of the measures we are now introducing, we hope will help reduce unnecessary electricity use in our cabins and apartments. This measure is about everyone participating and taking responsibility for responsible electricity consumption.

The measure comes into force on 1 November 2023 and is as follows:

Each stay includes a normal average consumption of electricity calculated based on the size of the cabin/apartment. This normal power consumption entails no additional costs for you as our guest. But in order for everyone to be proven when it comes to responsible use of electricity, we are introducing a scheme where the guest must pay for any overconsumption, then according to the actual cost. At the same time, we are updating our qr code that you will find in the cabin/apartment with useful information on how to stay within the normal electricity consumption.


Rented cabin, 80 m2 – 7 nights with 120 kwh electricity included in the rent. On the day of departure, our employees check actual electricity consumption against what is included. Normal power consumption = no extra cost.

But let’s say here that actual power consumption is 141 kwh, which means an overconsumption of 21 kwh.

Price per kWh: NOK 3.50

Cost of overconsumption: 21×3.5=NOK 73.5

This amount is then added to the booking and the amount is paid at checkout.

Why this?

Because even though the example above shows that these are low numbers, and may seem like too much work for too little, we believe that a proven and responsible consumption of electricity overall has a big impact on the environment.

If you use the example above, and turn this around, and say that through this measure you had saved 21 kwh during your stay and with that stayed within the included electricity consumption. Let’s further say that this had been the case for all cabins and apartments in bookTrysilonline’s portfolio, which in that case would mean that electricity consumption had been reduced corresponding to the annual consumption of as many as 8-10 large cabins.

We believe this has a positive impact on our environment!