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Here you'll find an overview map of the downhill slopes in Trysil. You can press the map markers to get to the different areas, and therefore recieve more information about our night accommodations.

Trysilfjell cabin area is located on the south of the mountain, from Skihytta all the way down to Storsten Hyttegrend. The area consists of cabins as well as  partments, of which most have got a ski in/ski out distance to the hills in Trysilfjellet. You will find larger cabins which are perfect for companies, groups of families, private arrangements and training camps.

Trysil is the biggest place for winter sports in Norway, and gives you the opportunity to choose from 66 slopes and 31 lifts.

In total you can find as much as 71 km of prepared hills spread out on the areas; Trysil tourist-center, Trysil Høyfjellssenter, Høgegga and Skihytta. Regardless of what level you are at, here in Trysil you will find slopes thatsuit you – whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Trysil Høyfjellsssenter is located in a sunny area in the mountains. The surroundings make this a family paradise, and Høyfjellssenteret covers most of the needs you may have during your stay, including shops, restaurants, cafés, pub, skiclasses and ski rental. Smotteparken is an exciting child area by Høyfjellssenteret where the kids can express themselves in a safe environment. The area can also offer several slopes of good quality, which are also suitable for beginners. The newest 6-seated lift in Trysilfjellet is not far away, if you want bigger skiing challenges. Cross-country slopes can easily be accessed in a lovely mountain terrain.

Trysil tourist-center is located 3 km away from the city center in Trysil and is a perfect area for anyone who wants to be where things happen! You will find a lot to choose from when it comes to pubs, restaurants, shops and afterski, all very close to lifts and slopes. The area can also offer bowling, bathing opportunities, as well as several 6-seated lifts which will bring you quickly to the mountains and varied terrain for skiing.

Fageråsen cabin area is located on the north side of Trysilfjellet, and here you will find cabins suited for any taste and wallet. Most of the cabins in Fageråsen cabin area have got a ski in/ski out option, and the few places where this is not possible there is a skibus running.

Throughout the winter there is in total100 km of cross country courses which are prepared and kept in good conditions in Trysil. In a lot of these courses it is also possible to skate. Skihytta and Fageråsen are both good starting points for some great trips. In the map you are able to find all of the courses, distances,  recommended starting points and how often the different courses are prepared.