Maintenance, cleaning, and janitorial services

bookTrysilonline’s own company BTO service, offers janitorial, maintaining and cleaning services and has nearly 30 employees during the winter season.

With two full time craftsmen who work all year with various carpentry and maintenance jobs, BTO Service can brag about becoming a viable year-round company.

– In addition to our janitorial services that we offer to our guests during the hectic winter season, we also perform other kind of carpentry and maintenance jobs. These other services are mostly demanded during the summer and it fits us perfectly since we do have much more capacity and time during the low season, says Lars Martinsen, general manager of BTO Service.

– It can be everything from quite simple maintenance jobs to larger carpentry enquiries around Trysil.

A lot to do 

After running BTO service for couple of years, Martinsen states that the company has been a real success.

– We have work to do all the time. Not only do our rental units need to be maintained but we also have other jobs for external clients. Our working philosophy is to be a flexible company and therefore it does not matter where or what kind of work that needs to be done. Whether it is something small somewhere in the mountain or elsewhere in Trysil, we are always willing to help. For us it is important to use the capacity we have outside the ski season but also provide good service with satisfied customers.

– During the winter we have plenty to do anyway and that is why it is important for us to prolong our season, adds Jan Terje Ås, general manager for bookTrysilonline.

– We have good competent workforce, and are on our way to target new markets and new customer groups in areas where we see a demand for our services.

Picture of bookTrysilonline’s own company BTO service, offers janitorial, maintaining and cleaning services
BTO Service keeps Trysil clean

From snow removal to carpentry services

Through BTO Service, bookTrysilonline now offers all kind of services from basic snow removal to large carpentry services. Our target group are both cabin owners and permanent residents in Trysil.

– We see that more and more people demand these kinds of services, says Jan Terje Ås general manager for bookTrysilonline.

– If our customers need frequent services like cleaning and maintenance of the cabin, we can offer this to a fixed monthly price. This means that the customers have a predictable cost and knows what to expect. We are the only company in Trysil to offer this kind of services and we are aiming to keep doing this and making our customers happy and satisfied.

Ås believes that BTO Service fills the market by taking on the smaller carpentry and janitorial jobs that the larger contractors do not have time for.

– We are continuing to develop and thanks to BTO Service, we are now able to offer same daily service as we already do for 150 cabins during the winter, but now we are also able to offer it to even more people and throughout the whole year.

Keeps Trysil clean

BTO Service has developed and improved its cleaning services and has been working hard to keep Trysil clean.

– We have a lot to do, both when it comes to big house cleaning but also to weekly cleaning that we offer to our customers to a fixed price, says Jan Terje Ås, general manager for bookTrysilonline.

There are many companies in Trysil that offers the same kind of services, but Ås has strong faith in the concept of BTO Service.

– So far it seems like we have done well. There are some cabin owners that rent out their cabins by themselves, but who still use our cleaning services. It is not necessary to rent out units through bookTrysilonline for us to take care of the cleaning. We can do it anyway and can offer both weekly- or deep house cleaning to fixed rate, says Jan Terje.

Picture of bookTrysilonline’s own company BTO service, offers janitorial, maintaining and cleaning services