Safe booking – Covid-19

Free Covid-19 insurance at bookTrysilonline.

bookTrysilonline now adds its own free cancellation insurance on all bookings until 1.5.2022. This cancellation insurance only applies to the Covid-19 situation but ensures you a full refund if The Norwegian Health Authorities decides to establish regulations that prevents you from completing you stay in Trysil. If you, as the person responsible for the booking, should be infected by Covid-19, and for that reason can not complete the stay, you will be able to cancel and receive a full refund. (In this case, documentation from health authorities will be required)

This insurance only applies if the Norwegian Health Authorities’ requirements mean that you cannot travel to Trysil, or that as a result of the requirements you have to be quarantined which constitutes a significant part of the booked stay. This insurance does not apply to restrictions regarding activities, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Safe accommodation

As an additional measure to give our guests the security they deserve and should have, bookTrysilonline now disinfects all cabins and apartments after the final cleaning, and we also seal the door.

By sealing the door our guests can be sure that no one has been inside the apartment after it was disinfected.

As a result of extra measures in relation to Covid-19, for example disinfection of cabins and apartments, check-in time may be somewhat shifted. bookTrysilonline will strive for ordinary check-in times, but wants to make our guests aware of this, and that this does not entitle the guest to any compensation or discount. 

Booking conditions apply to bookTrysilonline AS NO-2420 Trysil, 997616774, phone (+47) 33 33 83 83 as responsible.

We at bookTrysilonline look forward to welcoming you as guests. We welcome you to Trysil!