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Whether you are looking for something modern for your romantic ski weekend for two, or an apartment with many beds and capacity for the extended family: we have something to suit all tastes.

All our apartments have ski in/ski out, which means that you are literally staying either next to the ski slope or next to a transport trail that easily takes you to the closest slope.

All units are also equipped with everything you need to make your holiday in Trysil as pleasant as possible. Our apartments are centrally located and divided in four different areas of the Trysil mountain: Trysilfjell Hytteområde, Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen or Trysil Turistsenter.

If you want to stay in more quiet surroundings, but still have a short way to the slopes, Trysil Hytteområde, is the place. The other three areas are more suitable for guests that enjoy more action and happenings. All areas, except Trysil Turistsenter have a short way to the slopes and hiking trails. Restaurants, shops and nightclubs are easily accessible.

These are the units you can choose from when renting an apartment in Trysil:

Trysil Alpin 44A

10 beds in 4 bedrooms

Trysil Alpin 44B

12 beds in 4 bedrooms

Trysil Høyfjellsgrend 14

5 beds 2 bedrooms

Trysil Høyfjellsgrend 36

6 beds in 3 bedrooms

Trysil Høyfjellsgrend 50

5 beds in 2 bedrooms

Ugla 917

14 beds in 4 bedrooms

Ugla 951

14+2 beds in 6 bedrooms

Utsikten 771C

6+2 beds in 3 bedrooms

Utsikten 787A

8 beds in 3 bedrooms

Utsikten 785A

6 beds in 3 bedrooms