Horseback riding

Ride your way througt winterland of Trysil on horseback. Join a riding tour arranged by Trysil hestesenter and experience the real untouched wilderness of Trysil.

Unforgettable adventure for the entire family.

Amazing views, breathtaking nature and virgin forest, this is a unforgettable adventure for the entire family.

Trysil Hestesenter is a large horse farm located in fantastic riding terrain with open lowlands and scenic surroundings. The horses are friendly and dependable and the tour is always adapted to suit your skills.

You can look forward an exciting ride regardless of your previous riding experience. Safety is a priority, and even if you have never ridden before you will feel safe.

Flere på ridetur i Trysil
gutt på hesteryggen, ridetur i Trysil

Trysil Hestesenter offers following trips:

  • all day
  • half day
  • 2-hour trip
  • riding weekend with two nights in a cabin, riding classes and half day tour

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People on horseback riding in Trysil in the sunset