Privacy Policy

Below we would like to explain how booktrysilonline collects customer data, use the data and in which situations and to whom the data is disclosed.

By visiting our website, with cookies turned on in your browser (which is standard), you agree that we store cookies to provide our services. You have the option of preventing cookies from being stored on your computer by changing the setting in your browser at any time.


Following types of cookies are used by bookTrysilonline:

Google Analytics

To be able to understand and analyze how visitors navigate through our website we use the Google Analytics tool. Every time you visit our website, we store the information to be able to analyze and use the valuable analysis to improve the structure, content and design of the website.

We have also linked Google Analytics to Google Ads so we can use the stored information and give you the most relevant ads on Google, or in Google’s advertising network.

Google Analytics, which is a service provided by Google, places several cookies in your browser to be able to perform this analysis. See Google’s Privacy Policy for more information.

Facebook pixel

Every time you visit our website (with cookies turned on in your browser) information is stored and booktrysilonline can use this data in our marketing and in order to develop the web page. Facebook pixel is used to receive information about actions taken on our site to make our Facebook content as relevant as possible for our audience.

What type of personal data are we processing and where do we get it from?

Personal data via personal contact

Every time you contact us buy using email or contact form on our website you agree that personal information is used to contact you back with an answer to your request. These electronic messages are stored in our system in compliance with Data Processor Agreement and our supplier Haus Byrå. All electronic messages will be deleted after 60 days.

Complaining and security breach

If you have any questions or complaints regarding the processing of personal data, feel free to contact our general manager Jan Terje. If you suspect that someone is processing data relating to you in a way that contravenes the General Data Protection Regulations you can lodge a complaint with Norwegian Data Protection Authority,

Right of access to your personal data

The right of access gives you as an individual the right to request access to your personal data stored by bookTrysilonline. You also have the right to request correction if the information is incorrect. It is important that information we have about you is correct and up to date.

We encourage you to therefore contact us in case you discover any errors. You can also at any time withdraw your agreement regarding our processing of your personal data as well as if you want your information to be deleted.

Contact information

Contact us if you would like to get some insight in your stored personal data.

Jan Terje Ås, general manager

Vestmoveien 7
2450 Trysil

+47 922 70 862


Last updated: 20. november 2020