Trysil Centrum

Trysil City centre, located down in the valley, offers more than just cozy shops and cafes. Here you will stay centrally, with a short distance to all the shopping, high quality restaurants and activities that Trysil has to offer.

In this small city area, you can find almost everything you need for that authentic Norwegian experience; small shops selling local crafts, bakery, brewery, grocery stores with Norwegian food delicacies, library, city hall etc.

bookTrysilonline offers apartments in Trysil City centre, all situated in quiet and peaceful area with beautiful views of the mountains.

Leave the car and take the ski bus back and forth to the ski resort, only a five minutes ride away. The bus is easy to catch and runs frequently during the winter season. Also, Trysil Express that runs between Trysil – Oslo stops close by.

Liavegen 17H

4 beds in 2 bedrooms