bookTrysilonline offers a large selection of cabins and apartments to rent in different styles, sizes and shapes. Our accommodations are divided in four different areas of the Trysil mountain:

Trysil Turistsenter (tourist centre)

Bilde over Trysiltunet og Trysil turistsenter

At Trysil Turistsenter you can stay in following areas:

Trysilfjell Hytteområde

Bilde av Trysilfjell hytteområde i Trysil - bookTrysilonline

In Trysilfjell Hytteområde you can choose between following areas:

Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen

Bilde av leilighet Fageråsen 922A ute - booktrysilonline

Following areas are available in Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen

Trysil sentrum (city centre)

Bo i leilighet i Trysil sentrum, bookTrysilonline

Stay centrally, in the heart of Trysil town. Quiet and peaceful area- with walking distance to all the shops, restaurant and different activities that Trysil has to offer.

The ski bus is running frequently and takes you quickly to the slopes, only 5 minutes away.