Trysil map

Here you will find map of Trysil and the areas Trysil Turistsenter, Trysilfjell Hytteområde, Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen, Trysil center, experiences and bookTrysilonline.

Kart over Trysil / map trysil- bookTrysilonline

1. Trysil Turistsenter

Trysil Turistsenter (tourist centre) is the main hub of the Trysil mountain.

Bilde av Trysil Turistsenter, ligger sentralt i Trysil med ski in/ski out

All the famous and popular areas are to be found here, Bakkebygrenda, Trysil Alpin and Vikinggrenda. From 2019 we also have new apartments at Trysiltunet, which is just next to the Radisson Blu.

A little higher up towards the skiing area you can find Storsten area, kind of separated from the rest, but still very central.

At Trysil Turistsenter you can find a large selection of shops and restaurants. All the famous nightclubs are also located in this area.

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2. Trysilfjell Hytteområde

At Trysilfjell Hytteområde you find all the small and large cabins in different styles. All with ski in/ski out or just a short walk to skiing.

Bilde av hytte på Trysilfjell Hytteområde - booktrysilonline

At Trysilfjell Hytteområde you will find Almenlia, Håvi and Ugla.

This is a calm area with variation of a little bit of everything. Small genuine cozy 4 beds cabins are side by side with exclusive ones with room for up to 30 people. Charming, traditional ones with modern finish and huge ones with own bubble bath just to make your stay a bit extra special. And the best thing is that they all are located with the mountain just outside your door.

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3. Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen

Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen is located on the north side of the Trysil mountain. This is the perfect area to find that deep peacefulness and that unique feeling of calm that only mountains can bring out.

Lei leilighet i Fageråsen i Trysil - booktrysilonlline

At Fageråsen you will find Trysil Høyfjellssenter, Trysil Høyfjellsgrend and Trysil Panorama.

You are literally staying directly at the mountain and you choose whether you want to stay in a cabin or in an apartment. A variety of genuine and cozy accommodations for up to 12 guests is to be found here. Høyfjellssenter with all the shops, restaurants and bars is in this area as well.

The skiing system in Trysil covers the whole mountain which means that it is possible to ski between the different areas, from the north side, Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen to the south side, Trysil Turistsener, all in one.

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4. Trysil Sentrum (city centre)

Trysil Sentrum, or Innbygda as it is locally called, offers many different possibilities to lodging.

Bo i leilighet i Trysil sentrum, bookTrysilonline

The advantage of staying in this area is that you get affordable prices without sacrificing the facilities. Walking distance to all the shops, cozy cafes and high standard restaurants.

You can leave the car for your entire stay and easily take the skibus back and forth to the slopes, only 5 minutes ride away.

In Trysil Sentrum you can also find:

  • Medical centre
  • City hall
  • Bank
  • Police office

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5. Different activities in Trysil for all ages

  • Climbing park
  • Trysil Bike Arena
  • Trysilfjell Golf Course
  • Trysil Knut
  • Cross-country stadium

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6. bookTrysilonline

Here you can find information about our new reception and ski rental.

Resepsjonsområdet/reception area and ski rental, bookTrysilonline