Ultimate guide to cabins and apartments to rent in Trysil

Trysil offers, not only great skiing, but also all kind of accommodations, anything from small simple cabins and apartments to large and luxurious one with all amenities.

bookTrysilonline knows the importance of finding a perfect home away from home, and offers therefore a large selection of cabin– and apartment rentals in four different areas of Trysil mountain:

What are the most important factors that people look for when booking holiday accommodation? 

According to bookTrysilonline, the most requested thing when choosing between different rentals is reliable internet access. Luckily, all our cabins and apartments are equipped with free Wi-Fi, so if the weather does not cooperate with your outdoor plans you will always have Netflix to fall back on.

The second most important factor is the location. This is the key to great holiday since nobody wants to waste extra time and money on transportation that will take you to all the highlights.

Since opening in 2011, bookTrysilonline has always focused on choosing rentals with perfect central location. This means ski in/ski out distance to the alpine resort in the winter, and bike in/bike out during the summer. With bookTrysilonline you can always be sure to stay close to the activities!

Trysil Turistsenter

In Trysil Turistsenter you will stay in the middle of magnificent Trysil nature with a walking distance to all the activities.

Leie leilighet på Trysil - Trysiltunet - bookTrysilonline
New and modern apartment to rent at Trysiltunet, Trysil.

No wonder this is a favorite area for families, since all the popular neighborhoods such as Trysil Alpin, Vikinggrenda, Bakkebygrenda, Storsten and Trysiltunet are located here.

Choose between a wide mix of different accomodation styles and sizes, with everything from cozy traditional apartments and cabins to brand new and modern ones.

Trysilfjell Hytteområde

Trysilfjell Hytteområde is a calm, silent neighborhood located above Trysil Turistsenter. Here you will find gorgeous winter cabins you will never want to leave. 

Leie leilighet i Trysil, Håvi 868 , Trysilfjell Hytteområde
Apartment to rent in Trysilfjell Hytteområde

Choose between small or large mountain homes with everything from four up to 20 beds. Enjoy some wood burning fireplaces, rocking chairs, panoramic views, rustic wood interiors and reindeer skin rugs.

Trysilfjell Hytteområde is divided in three areas: Ugla, Håvi and Almenlia.

Our most popular cabins such as Ugla 969, Ugla 960 b and Ugla 951 are all located here.

Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen

Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen is the perfect area to get that wonderful, relaxing mountain feeling with breathtaking views and that fresh and crispy air.

Leie hytte på Trysil i Fageråsen 942-2, Fageråsen Høyfjellsgrend i Trysil Høyfjellssenter.
Cabin to rent in Fageråsen Høyfjellsgrend in Trysil Høyfjellssenter

Fantastic nature and hiking terrain are to be found just outside the doorstep.

This family friendly area on the north side of the mountain is divided in three neighborhoods: Trysil Panorama, Trysil Høyfjellsgrend and Trysil Høyfjellssenter.

Together they offer a wide selection of different cabins and apartments and you can always be sure to find a great value for your money.

Trysil town Centre

Trysil town Centre is much more than just cozy small shops and cafes. In this wonderful small-town area, you can be sure to stay centrally, within a short distance to all the shops, high quality restaurants and most services.

Leie leilighet i Trysil sentrum, bookTrysilonline
Trysil Centrum, or Innbygda as it is locally called, offers good accommodation to rent in Trysil.

Why not start your day with tasty breakfast at one of the local coffee shops, relax in pleasant atmosphere while sipping on your coffee, before heading up to the slopes?

Leave your car for the entire stay and take the local Ski Bus up to the ski resort. You do not have to worry about finding parking or putting on freezing ski boots that have been in the car for too long. Just focus on you and enjoying your holiday!

The ski bus is easy to catch, runs frequently and takes you up to the alpine ski resort within five minutes.

Leilighet på trysil, Trysiltunet, bookTrysilonline