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Most of our cabins are located so close to the slopes that you just need to step right outside, step into your skis and hop right onto closest lift.

All are cabins are centrally located and divided in three different areas of the Trysil mountain: Trysilfjell Hytteområde, Trysil Høyfjellssenter/Fageråsen or Trysil Turistsenter.

If you prefer more peaceful environment and still want to have a short way to the slopes, Trysil Hytteområde, is the place. The other two areas are more vibrant and fits for the guests that enjoy more life and stir.

All three areas have a short way to the slopes and hiking trails. Restaurants, shops and nightclubs are also easily accessible.

Following units are available when renting a cabin in Trysil:

Storsten 730

20 beds in 8 bedrooms

Trysil Alpin 45

10+2 beds in 5 bedrooms

Ugla 960B

8 beds in 3 bedrooms

Ugla 969

12 beds in 4 bedrooms

Ugla 978

14+1 beds 5 bedrooms

Ugla 982

14+2 beds in 7 bedrooms

Ugla 982 anneks

4 beds in 1 bedroom

Trysilbua 1173

8 beds in 4 bedrooms