Fun on two wheels

Looking for high speed action and solid adrenaline rush? Pay a visit to one of Trysil’s many bike trails, a hot spot for summer cycling holidays. The smart and large investments in cycling, to make Trysil a popular destination with a wide range of activities all year round, have succeeded big time.

– There has been a sharp upswing for tourism in Trysil during the summer months. This shows that the investments have been totally right. New bike trails and different obstacles for cycling fanatics are bult every single year and Trysil has in a short amount of time become one of Norway’s largest mountain biking destinations. This is according to Lars Martinsen, general manager of BTO Service, local skier, and a cycling enthusiast.

Sykkelmuligheter i Trysil - bookTrysilonline
Two wheels! Trysil’s strong and clear determination to utilize the summer season, mostly throughout large investments in developing and optimizing biking opportunities, have really started to bear fruit.

Many possibilities

– This year new biking trails have been developed and built in Fageråsen. One of them is flow trail which has been well received by all the adrenaline seekers on two wheels. This means that even the north side of the mountain is expanding. In addition to all existing natural trails around the mountain there are plans on upcoming purpose-built single tracks.

– Many do as I do and take the car to Bittermarka or Eltedalsfjellene and bike from there. There are many nice areas outside Trysil town Centre as well, but these are more suitable for families with children. To sum it up, there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to bicycle tourism, Lars Martinsen states. 

– There is something to fit all bike levels of expertise. 

Slowly, but surely

– None of this means that all the cabins and apartments in Trysil are fully booked the entire summer. But we do see that bicycling attracts new guests, and this means that we attract new target groups. There is no doubt about that, ads Jan Terje Ås, general manager of bookTrysilonline.

Destinasjon Trysil together with local partners have done a great job. We can already see that the bicycle market is growing for every summer. In the long run, Ås thinks that this will make Trysil to a significant destination both summer and autumn.

– It gives great ripple effects in form of more needs for accommodation. This in turn makes it more attractive to both own and rent cabins and apartments here in Trysil.

Trysil er nå også en destinasjon for hele familien om sommeren. Her er to familier som priser sykkelmulighetene i Trysilfjellet
ENJOYING THE HOLIDAY! Trysil is now not only a winter paradise but also a summer destination for the entire family. Let us introduce two families who appreciate the biking opportunities in Trysilfjellet and who have spent their latest autumn holidays in Trysil – Anne Knarvik and Ida Kristin Hansen with their significant others, Martin Olsen and Thorleif Silkebækken, and their children Lilly Ovidie Silkebækken, Isak Silkebækken, Aksel Silkebækken, Sara Knarvik Olsen and Olav Knarvik Olsen.

Bicycle holidays and children’s birthday celebration

Jan Terje Ås points out that it has already become extremely popular to spend the autumn holidays on two wheels in Trysilfjellet.

– We think it is great that Trysil slowly but surely is becoming a year-round destination.

– The biking opportunities are fantastic and spending the autumn holidays here is something we recommend to all families. Our kids love it here and their days are filled with different activities, says Ida Kristin Hansen and Anne Knarvik, both from Elverum.

– There are not many other destinations that have as many activities throughout the year as Trysil have. 

Two years ago, they brought the entire school class from Elverum to Trysil to celebrate one of the children’s birthdays. The Knarvik /Olsen family fell in love with Trysil after a hotel stay, couple of years ago. They liked it so much here that they decided to buy an apartment in Trysilfjellet.

The great thing about Trysil is that there is something for everyone, a wide range of different activities both summer and winter, suitable for all ages.

Ida Kristin Hansen og Anne Knarvik

Popular climbing park in Trysil

The climbing park, Høyt & Lavt, which opened couple of years ago, is also an extremely popular activity in Trysil.

– We have all kind of visitors in all different ages, from large groups of friends, families to grandparents with their grandchildren, says Amanda Lingøy at Trysil climbing park.

– We offer challenges for everyone, from the quite simple to more advanced climbing courses. The first year we had twice as many guests than we expected, so we can easily say that it has been great success. 

Amanda Lingøy er strålende fornøyd med sesongen i klatreparken Høyt&Lavt i Trysil
Amanda Lingøy is super happy with the outcome of the previous season.

From hotel to cabin or apartment

Many guests choose to stay in a hotel the very first time they come to Trysil. On their next visit they usually stay in a cabin or an apartment.

– Staying in a hotel on a first visit to Trysil is an important selling aspect for people to come back here later, says Jan Terje Aas, general manager for bookTrysilonline. 

He believes that it is important to show the wide range of different accommodation options in Trysil. Ås means that many people choose to return for second holiday and that many of them decide to rent a cabin or apartment, or maybe even buy or build something own in Trysilfjellet.

– It is easy and safe to stay in a hotel for the first time. At the same time, many people quickly realize that it is much more social and pleasant to stay in a cabin or apartment next time they make a visit. You get more privacy, while it is still possible to go out for a meal and use all the other common facilities in the area.