Ski rental in Trysil: bookTrysilonline wins price check

bookTrysilonline wins price comparison among Trysil's ski rental companies.

bookTrysilonline wins price comparison among ski rentals in Trysil! When you head to Trysil to enjoy skiing, significant savings can be achieved by comparing the prices of the three leading players in the rental segment, according to a recent price check conducted by the news newspaper Østlendingen.

bookTrysilonline is from 30 to just over 50% cheaper.

Østlendingen recently conducted (on December 22, 2023) a price check on the rental of skis and snowboards at the country’s largest ski resort, revealing significant price differences. bookTrysilonline offers a complete equipment package for two adults, one child under six years old, and one child over six years old for only 1,427 Norwegian Kroner per week. In comparison, SkiStar charges 3,080 Norwegian Kroner for a similar package.

Facsímile of Østlendingen's price check on December 22, 2023, for ski rentals in Trysil

Significant savings to be had by choosing the right ski rental

The results indicate that bookTrysilonline generally offers prices that are slightly over 50% cheaper than SkiStar and between approximately 30% to over 40% cheaper than Trysil Skishop. Each of these providers also offers several different package options that are not included in the overview.

The CEO, Jan Terje Ås, explained that their equipment is of the same quality as what is offered by other ski rental shops in Trysil. However, their focus is on providing affordable rentals, and they have a clear strategy for this. The quality of their ski grinding machines is sufficient for the average user, and they have received positive feedback from their customers.

We established our ski rental with the idea of offering our guests who book accommodation with us a more comprehensive package. At the same time, it was important for us to maintain a reasonable price level for our new additional product.

And there is no doubt that we can see that the guests in Trysilfjellet have noticed our favorable prices. So far this season, we have experienced a record number of bookings in our ski rental. With this high demand, we encourage everyone to book in advance through our website, rather than choosing drop-in.

We also offer equipment delivery to the cabins or apartments up in the mountains. You simply visit our ski rental, try on shoes and equipment, and we take care of the preparation and delivery to your cabin/apartment. It couldn’t be easier.

Check the prices and book ski rentals with bookTrysilonline today.

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Picture from Trysil: people in the ski slopes and cabins/apartments for rent.