The best time to visit Trysil is March through April

Comfortable temperatures, blue bird and heavenly snow conditions!

– The best time to ski in Trysilfjellet is March through April, according to Lars Martinsen. Lars is the manager of bookTrysilonline’s janitorial services BTO, a true Tryssling (person who is born and raised in Trysil) and a frequent skier.

As an complete answer to the question when the finest time for skiing in Trysilfjellet is, Martinsen points out several good arguments for bragging a little extra about the last two months of winter.

Nice lighting conditions

– At that time of the year there is still a lot of snow left, firm in the mornings and perfectly soft toward the afternoon. All the slopes are open and the lighting conditions are fantastic in March and April. The sun is high, the days are longer and brighter, the temperature is mild and the snow is perfect.

You can be sure to get many nice, sunny days if you plan your skiing holiday toward the end of the winter season. Besides brilliant sunshine, the slopes are less crowded and you can enjoy the views of the wide open and vast expanse of Norwegian mountains.

Lars Martinsen, manager of bookTrysilonline’s janitoral services, BTO

Snow until Easter

It may sound strange but in Trysilfjellet you can be sure of safe and good snow conditions until the Easter holidays are over. Lars Martinsen points out that the snow do get softer and heavier, but it usually comes towards the very last weeks at the end of the winter.

– A bit depending on when Easter occurs of course, but we normally do have many wonderful, sunny days in the slopes after Easter holidays are over. People usually think that the season is over as soon as the Easter is over, but it doesn´t have to be the end, he says.

Martinsen himself has worked in the mountains as a ski patrol for many many years and has really found the joy in skiing his home mountain. He knows what he is talking about when he advises people to consider a stay towards the end of the season.

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