Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply in respect of bookings made with BookTrysilonline AS NO-2420 Trysil, tel: +47 33 33 83 83, business reg. no.: 997616774. These general terms and conditions apply as between bookTrysilonline AS (the “Lessor”) and any person responsible for the rental.

Rental contract of alpine and snowboard equipment at bookTrysilonline

  1. Valid ID is mandatory when hiring ski equipment. This also includes pre booked and pre-paid equipment. 
  2. All payment will happen when picking up your equipment. Refunds will only be given if you get sick and have a written medical certificate from a doctor.  
  3. Alpine equipment can easily get mixed up. Take note of how your skies look like and where you place them! It’s not allowed to entrust, rent out or sell rental equipment.
  4. Alpine gear is only to be used in marked and prepped slopes. Damage on equipment used otherwise needs to be replaced by the guest.
  5. Lessee will be liable for material damage, such as larger stripes in the sole, as well as damages to the upper side of the ski.
  6. The rental provider is in no way responsible for theft of the equipment. During the rental period the lessee are liable for the alpine gear himself. 
  7. The rental provider is not responsible for any personal injury, goods or third parties for equipment.
  8. Refunds will not be given for cancelled rent unless a written medical certificate is delivered to the rental provider. 
  9. The alpine equipment is to be returned to the rental provider at the end of the rental period.
  10. The lessee is responsible for approving the alpine gear before use.
  11. The lessee is aware that the ski bindings are of the trigger type. This reduces the risk of damage, but do not guarantee safety. On snowboard there are no realisable bindings.
  12. Insurance can be purchased at the latest when picking up the equipment, further in case of damage incurs a deductible.